ManeGait to Freedom – Veteran Program

ManeGait_logo_tag_Spot Color Uncoated copyFollowing the mission of PATH Intl. Equine Services for Heroes, ManeGait launched its ManeGait to Freedom veteran program in January 2015 with the goal of providing wounded veterans the mind and body benefits of equine-assisted therapy. 

How it Works

The ManeGait to Freedom program designed to help injured and disabled veterans cope with the physical, mental and emotional effects of military combat. Customized to the needs and interest of each individual, the program enables clients to participate in one or more of ManeGait’s therapy programs including Therapeutic Riding, Therapeutic Carriage Driving and GaitWay to the Brain. Veteran service projects and group activities are also available for those interested in building relationships with fellow veterans or supporting ManeGait’s work with special needs adults and children.


ManeGait programs can provide a wide array of benefits for wounded veterans, including:


  • improved balance
  • improved coordination
  • greater mobility
  • increased strength


  • reduced anxiety
  • less depression
  • increased self regulation
  • improved sleep/wake cycles


  • enhanced relationships
  • increased social involvement
  • improved connection to life

To illustrate the impact of this program, below is a quote from one of our veteran participants.

“As a Marine who has suffered from PTSD for over eight years, ManeGait has been a tremendous blessing for me. There were times when I felt hopeless and overcome by the guilt that I had from the events that I witnessed and participated in. While looking for help, God gave me the opportunity to participate in the GaitWay program. It has been a hard, yet blessed journey…I couldn’t have asked for a better recovery or people to work with, and can say for a 100% it has changed my life for the better.”

How to Join the Program

Please click here to contact us via our website or call our office at (469) 742-9611 if you or a family member is interested in joining the ManeGait to Freedom program.