PATH INT’L Registered Instructor On-Site Workshop and Certification

PATH, Intl. Registered Instructor
On-Site Workshop and Certification

This Instructor Workshop and/or Registered Certification are for the Registered Level.

March 6 – 9, 2019

March 9, 2019

ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship
3160 N. Custer Rd. McKinney, TX 75071

$400.00:  2 ½ Day Instructor Workshop ONLY*  
$725.00:  Instructor Workshop & Registered Certification *   
$350.00:  Registered Certification ONLY**  
$50.00:  Audit Only (+$35 for manual)
$35.00:Practice Ride for Certification Candidate***


Continental Breakfast and Lunch is Included all Days

*    Upon receipt of the forms and payment, ManeGait will send you a PATH Phase Two Packet.

** MUST submit proof attendance of a PATH Instructor Workshop within 2 years previously, or provide Registered Certification resubmission letter.

*** Practice ride (supervised for 15 minutes) for certification candidates only. Optional.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:    February 4, 2019

Reimbursement Policy: Cancellations will be refunded ONLY if ManeGait is notified of cancellation by February 15, 2019.  In case of a last minute emergency medical situation, a physician’s letter must be provided for a exception refund.  A $25 office fee will be retained.

Please click here to download the registration packet.

In order to become a PATH Certified Instructor, a candidate must successfully complete the TWO phases of the Registered Certification process. For additional information on this process, please refer to the PATH website at or call the PATH office at 800-369-7433.

Phase Two questions should be directed to the PATH office or ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Phase One (PATH)

Send to PATH Office:

  • Registered Instructor Certification Application Form,
  • $60 application fee
  • Copies of current CPR and First Aid Certification cards
  • PATH membership number or application with fee

Upon receipt, PATH will e-mail you a Phase One Packet. This packet includes access to the following on-line components:

  • Center Accreditation Training Course (CAT)
  • Instructor CAT Exam
  • Instructor Self-Study Course
  • PATH Registered Instructor Open Book Exam

NOTE: Candidates have six months to complete the Phase One Packet. The CAT Course with Instructor CAT Exam has a 60-day time frame and the Instructor Self-Study Course/Instructor Open Book Exam has a 6 month time frame.

Upon successful completion of Phase One candidate is considered a PATH Instructor-In-Training. You may retain this designation for twelve months from the date of your Confirmation Letter.

Phase Two ( ManeGait)

Within the twelve month timeframe, candidates must have completed all the components of Phase Two. These components are:

  • 25 hours of practice teaching group mounted therapeutic riding lessons under the guidance or direct supervision of a PATH Certified Instructor
  • Attend a Registered Instructor Workshop PRIOR to the Registered Certification component
  • Successfully complete a Registered Instructor On-Site Certification

If you are interested in attending the Instructor Workshop and/or Registered Certification, please complete the attached form and mail with appropriate fees to the address listed. If Registering for Certification, include a copy of your confirmation of Instructor-In-Training status letter from Phase One. Candidates are registered on a first come-first served basis, so make sure to register early. All Certification Candidates must register at least 32 days prior to the Certification Testing Date.

Once registered for the workshop and/or certification, ManeGait will send you a Phase Two Packet. The packet will include the following information and will need to be completed depending on whether you are registering for workshop and/or Registered Certification:

  • On-Site Registration Form
  • Center and PATH Emergency Medical Treatment, Liability, and Confidentiality Forms:

Additional Forms also included for Registered Certification candidates:

  • Instructor resume, personal reference, professional reference, and essay questions
  • Documentation of Group Teaching Hours Form

To participate in Registered Certification:

  • Complete the Phase Two packet and return to ManeGait with a copy of your PATH membership card, and current copies of your CPR and First Aid Registered Certification.
  • All Phase 2 Forms need to be returned to the ManeGait at least 32 days prior to the Registered Certification.

Directions to ManeGait:

From the Intersection of Highway 75 (Central Expressway) and Highway 380 (University Ave) in McKinney:

  • Travel west on Highway 380 for 5.6 miles
  • At Custer Road (FM 2478) turn Right
  • Travel 9/10th of one mile
  • ManeGait is the first driveway on the right past County Road 858

From the intersection of the North Dallas Tollway and Highway 380:

  • Travel East on Highway 380 for 5 miles
  • At Custer Road (FM 2478) Turn Left
  • Travel 9/10th of one mile
  • Mane Gait is the first driveway on the right past County Road 858

From the Intersection of Virginia Parkway and Custer (FM 2478):

  • Travel north on Custer to the intersection of Custer and 380.
  • Go straight through the intersection and continue north on Custer.
  • ManeGait is 9/10th of one mile on the right. We have a black pipe fence.


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