GaitWay to the Brain Program

Developed at ManeGait, GaitWay to the Brain (GaitWay) is the first program of its kind to extend the benefits of therapeutic riding by integrating brain-building exercises into the framework for equine therapy. The program is supported by neurological research that documents the impact of brain-building activities on individuals with physical, cognitive, sensory, and behavioral disabilities. 


How it Works

GaitWay classes are conducted one-on-one or in small groups immediately preceding therapeutic riding lessons. 

The program takes participants through a series of activities, including music therapy, cross-body movements, hand-eye coordination games, and eye training. These exercises stimulate underutilized parts of the brain giving clients the improved ability to focus, center themselves, and get the most benefit out of therapeutic riding. 

In addition, the GaitWay program provides families an at-home program to incorporate this fun and effective cognitive therapy into their daily schedule thereby broadening the impact of the ManeGait experience from once a week to each and every day.


Participation in GaitWay to the Brain can lead to:

  • Increased ability to self-regulate
  • Improvements in attention and focus
  • Increased verbal expression and comprehension
  • Greater visual motor integration
  • Improved performance and task management

 Industry Research and Replication

  • Success of the GaitWay to the Brain program has resulted in a university-led research study and interest in replicating the program at therapeutic riding centers across the US and Canada.

How to Join the Program

Information on becoming a part of this program is available in our Rider Resource area. If you have questions about GaitWay to the Brain, please contact Lindsey Wyatt at (496) 742-9611 or email