Wish List

ManeGait is graciously accepting the following new or used items that are in excellent condition:


  • Clear bins, all sizes
  • Copy paper
  • Stamps
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Office Max gift card
  • Staples gift card
  • Office Depot gift card
  • Costco gift card

Horse Tack, Equipment and Stable Supplies

  • Dover Saddlery gift card www.doversaddlery.com (1-800-989-1500) or visit our online wish list
  • Valley Vet Supply gift card www.valleyvet.com (1-800-356-1005)
  • Riding Helmets (Must be ASTM-SEI approved for equestrian sports.)
  • Stirrup leathers (leather, all lengths)
  • Extra peacock rubber bands, extra leather tabs
  • “S” -shaped safety stirrups
  • Rainbow Reins: Cotton, all lengths
  • Ladder Reins
  • Dressage girths 26-34
  • Leather English bridle full size
  • Leather English bridle pony size
  • 6 foot cotton lead rope
  • Push Brooms
  • Corn Brooms
  • Muck Buckets (Blue or Green) ($18.00 @Gebos, Tractors Supply, feed stores)
  • Apple Pickers Dura Forks ($20.00 @Gebos, Tractor Supply, Feed Stores)
  • Vetwrap
  • Equine dietary supplements: Aloe Vera, Corta Flex, MSM, Biotin, Platinum.
  • Human first aid supplies
  • Portable saddle rack
  • Hay bags

Teaching Aids

  • TraFik Signs and Sportime Dome-N- Post Set (available at Abilitations)
  • Giant Beanbag Board (available at Abilitations)
  • Frogpockets (1# replacement beanbag frogs and 6 Lily Pads) (available at Abilitations)
  • Plastic Mounting Blocks
  • Horsemens pride jump blocks – 4

Machinery and Tools

  • Power Tools (drill, saws)
  • Hand Tools (adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, screwdrivers set, hammers, level, lacksaw, wood saw, etc)
  • 12 foot ladders
  • Leaf rake
  • Shovels incl. garden shovel/spade
  • Garden fork
  • Weedeater
  • Wal-Mart gift card
  • Home Depot gift card
  • Tractor Supply gift card