Donate a Horse

MG-Horse-Wanted-FlyerThank you for considering ManeGait as the next home for your horse. It is very important to us that each horse we bring into the program is going to be happy here. Being a therapy horse is not the best fit for every horse. Please let us get to know a little bit about your horse by filling out and returning the Horse Evaluation Form. You can e-mail, mail, fax, or hand deliver the form to our office. After the evaluation form is reviewed, our Stable Manager will let you know if your horse appears to fit the criteria for our program or if more information is needed. We will usually do an onsite evaluation with the horse so we can see how it acts in a setting it is used to. This evaluation generally involves one or two members of the ManeGait team and some of the equipment that the horse will encounter during a riding class at ManeGait. We prefer to see the horse ridden by the owner or someone that is familiar with the horse with the horse’s regular saddle and bridle, then one of our representatives will ride the horse to further assess the horse’s skills and movement. If your horse is a potential match for our program then we will accept the horse on a 60-90 day Trial Period or put your horse on a waiting list. Before being brought to ManeGait, the horse needs a current (less than 30 day old) vet letter stating the horse is in acceptable health to be used in our program. Your horse also needs to be current on vaccines, worming, dental work, and trimming/shoeing. Sometimes we have room for the horse immediately and sometimes there is a short wait for space. Click here to download the vet letter. Once the horse has completed its trial period and has been accepted into our program, ManeGait becomes the owner and the donor will receive a letter stating that the horse has been officially donated and ownership has officially transferred. All horse donations are tax deductible. Once a horse has come to the end of its time here at ManeGait we always offer the donor first right of refusal. If you would like more information on donating your horse please check out the following site: This site has tips on understanding what your horse may see at a therapeutic riding center, how to read donation agreements, writing off your horse as a donation on your taxes, and much more. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about ManeGait, our programs, or the donation process. If you would like to come see ManeGait, please contact our Stable Manager and we can set a date to give you a tour of our wonderful facility. Thank you again for considering partnering with ManeGait to benefit our riders and for giving us the opportunity to determine if your horse will be a good candidate for our program.

Contact information for the ManeGait Stable Manager: Jennifer Gardenhire(p) 469.742.9611 (f) 469.742.9677