I wanted to thank you and all the people of ManeGait. Horse therapy along with all the other therapists and helpers in Kate’s life have made such a difference. In her assessment for Plano ISD’s preschool, happily, Kate did not qualify for additional occupational or physical therapy. I know that this accomplishment is due to the hard work of all of her team members. We thank you!

Lynn and Kate Ellis

I want to thank you and Bill for all the wonderful things Manegait provides! I feel like as an instructor I have grown by leaps and bounds from the many things that have been offered to me and the riders. Thanks for the many opportunities and the support and love that is filling the Manegait Program!! You guys ROCK!

Jaclyn Hyde

ManeGait is a calling for me and I am so blessed to be a part of it. As I have witnessed to others, the therapy that the riders receive is truly miraculous but I feel that I receive at least as much in return as they do. Can’t really explain it well and I can only hope that others can truly experience it for themselves by becoming involved.

Dominique Martin

Pris and Landon, both of you, and your wonderful staff, absolutely left us in inspired and in awe of your true commitment from the heart and spirit, toward so many special needs children, adults, and their families.

I know words can hardly describe the spectacular differences you all have made in so many lives through your beautiful horses, as well as through both of you, and your wonderful staff.

I will enjoy sharing this ever so special day with so many, and I will especially enjoy making others aware of the spectacular things you all are doing everyday to make such a difference in others lives. We are all beyond Pi Phi proud of what you both have accomplished.

You both are angels in every sense of the word, and as our dear Grand President, Mary Tatum, so eloquently stated yesterday, you both and ManeGait are perfect examples of what it means to live up to our inspiring Pi Beta Phi mission statement. We were all in awe, amazed, and inspired by everything that you all do and thank you so much for sharing part of your busy Saturday with us.

DFW Area Council Coordinator and ARPS4

Audrey Miller Pennings

Dear friends, because you’ve known about our GRANDson, Brody, and his progress through what WAS labeled as “autism” but now is just called “epilepsy,” I thought you’d like to see pictures of him on his horse at ManeGait. After the first riding lesson, Brody went home to climb the stairs without help because of the way he learned and was able to process instructions–big deals.

It has been amazing for him to learn and use sign language, understand what we’re saying, realize his own bodily needs and tend to them !! He’s beginning to make consonant sounds and can respond to questions about his name and who’s who.

He’ll be 5 in April and, while we don’t know what other progress he’ll make, we’re happy with the Brody we have. This is an efficient way to let you see Brody, the work of one of the therapies we use, and cheer for his family.

With great fondness to all of you for caring about us.

Weslynn Martin

Sophie really enjoyed Gaitapalooza. She had so much fun on the trail ride, she’s collected a new horse–SeeMore–she’s now ridden 9 of the Manegait horses! And she really enjoyed the petting zoo. We were there more than an hour. 2 years ago, she wouldn’t have gone within 2 ft of the fence! She kept trying to collect the bunnies into the corner so she could play with all of them at once; one would hop off, and the rest would scatter behind her as she went after the escapee.

Grace Utsler

I wear my favorite pink helmet and I like to visit every horse in the stalls before I ride. I ride Stella this spring, and last year, I rode Cash. I liked doing a video with Cash last year! My teacher is Ms Shelby this year–I like her but I miss Ms Jenny. I’m excited to help with taking care of the horses and helping the little kids when I get to be 14.

Sophie Utsler


I am so thankful to have been a part of such a great event! Wow, it was like climbing a mountain and when you got to the top, you never wanted to come down! I prayed so much for the day to be great, and God showed up all day long!!! The weather was beautiful and I have never seen so many smiles in one day! Also, I saw several parents with tears of joys run down there face as their child mounted for the big ride!!! I would venture to say that everyone at Gaitapalooza went beyond all boundaries and left with hearts filled with love!!!

Amy M. O'Berry-Thomas

It was a pleasure working with you this weekend at the horse show and helping out the ManeGait organization. The group of people that work there are truly professional and very friendly. It was very well planned and organized. Hats off to you and the Staff.

Each person I met made me feel right at home. I believe in the work you do at ManeGait and look forward to helping out more in the future. The work you do is truly beneficial to the folks who ride the horses. As the riders walked by the concession area where I was working the smiles on their faces was priceless and the positive affect was evident.

Dwayne Minyard

I remember going thru the volunteer training earlier this year and everyone talking about how “infectious” ManeGait is and how you start to become attached to these kids, and I truly believe it!! I just feel so blessed to be able to volunteer at such a wonderful place.

Mary Waite