Our son started riding at ManeGait in February of this year. From the very beginning we have noticed how comfortable and confident he is when he is riding. He looks forward to Saturdays and talks about riding throughout the week. We could not be more pleased with ManeGait. All the employees and volunteers are so nice and eager to help. We look forward to further sessions and watching our son become stronger and more confident.

Mr. & Mrs. Tittle

I got your letter and newsletter. I am glad to see everything is working out for ManeGait. My wife and I stopped by Saturday and watched those kids for a little while. She had to go by and give ol Freckles a kiss and hug. Just to see the smiles on the kids faces say the whole story. I am a firm believer that the good Lord has set aside a little piece of heaven off over in one corner just for you and your people at ManeGait. You and your husband, Lili Kellogg, and all of the staff are doing a wonderful job at ManeGait facility. Again I just wanted to say many thanks for letting us donate “ol Freckles” to your facility. You can tell by the look on her face she has found her little piece of heaven.

Again, many blessings for everyone involved in making the dream of ManeGait come true.

Jimmy & Jeannie Shackelford

I thoroughly enjoyed helping at the horse show(s!).  It REALLY was a moving experience for me.  I love my noon class on Thursdays with Winona and Michael, they are delightful and so appreciative, and just very dear people.  But being at the show and seeing the beaming faces of all the children brought tears to my eyes.  Sitting there at the announcers table I got waves and winks and ear-to-ear grins as they passed by – it was then that I truly saw what a blessing ManeGait is!

Thank you for having the inspiration!

Pam KleKamp

I attended the volunteer training this past weekend. You exceeded my exectations. We were warmly greeted by Kathy Martin, staff and other volunters. We were served homemade bread and drinks. From the minute I walked in the door, I felt appreciated.

The presentation was informative and helpful. Splitting the group into “horse people” and “non-horse people” was a great idea. Bobby was the TAG memeber who trained our group. He was patient, answered our questions, and made us feel comfortable. we got lots of hands-on experience! I was very impressed at the safety practices of ManeGait. You have well-thought-out policies and procedures. The systems you have put in place are organized, efficient, and conistent. I would feel completely safe having my own children ride at ManeGait.

We moved inside and had a wonderful lunch, followed by 2 very touching testimonies. The testimonies alone made me want to volunteer. It was obvious how much therapeutic horseback riding had benefited those 2 kids and their families.

As a volunteer I felt honored, appreciated and valued; and I haven’t even started volunteering yet! I can’t wait. Thank you for establishing such a high class, top quality, professional program. I look forward to working with ManeGait and the students.

Josephine Merkle

medium_NolanFirst of all, I am so grateful to you for pursuing a dream of yours, for being such a blessing to my family, and for being someone that I feel a personal connection to on so many different levels! So far, God has strategically placed people in my life to help me through some difficult situations, and you are, by no means, a “coincidence”. I do believe in miracles, and you are providing such hope for so many families now and in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Since Nolan has started riding, he has blossomed into the handsome, fun-loving, enthusiastic child that had been hidden before. He has not only formed close relationships with his volunteer helpers, but also with other children his age. Before, Nolan would never interact with other children, but instead preferred to play alone. Now, Nolan is my little social butterfly that has shed his cocoon. Nolan used to have a lot of issues with his Sensory Integration Disorder, because certain textures or smells would be disruptive to his learning process. Now, he is not so sensitive to sounds, textures, and smells. He has been much more tolerable because the riding incorporates all of these into his learning. Nolan has become more focused on the task at hand, more aware of his surroundings, more sociable, and more responsible, all because of ManeGait. But the best thing is, now Nolan can be himself, and be loved, in spite of his differences, to the outside world. We don’t know what we would have done without ManeGait. It has blessed our lives in more ways than one can count.

Today, Nolan is no longer diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, due to changes in his social behaviors. Although he is now diagnosed with a cognitive disorder, and he will never academically catch up to his siblings, he will be able to embrace friendships of other peers his age. I can say with full confidence that ManeGait was the reasoning behind his improvement in his social behaviors. ManeGait has given Nolan the confidence to pursue in friendships, without the fear of rejection.

Thank you Manegait!

Kim Quigley

When we started putting Ryan on his push bike at home, getting him to wear his helmet was a battle. The tears when he saw the helmet, the taking it off and pitching it in our neighbor’s yards as we moved through the neighborhood was a definite struggle for all of us. Now with ManeGait the battle over the helmet has ended, as he associates his helmet with something he loves to do – riding Freckles!

ManeGait is a wonderful place where he gets to have fun doing something that is good for both his body & his mind! Ryan has had a lot of therapists in his young life, but Freckles is far and away his favorite of all!

Thank you for having the dream that is Mane Gait, it’s an amazing place that we are thrilled to be a part of!

Glenn & Kristin Walsh

I want to thank each and every one of you for all that you do. ManeGait is truly a special place with a special mission and it takes truly special people like you to put it all together.

Yes, it takes volunteers too, but without your knowledge, expertise, guidance, leadership, vision and commitment there be no ManeGait. The world is a better place because of you. I see it in the smiles on the faces of the riders and I hear it in their voices that are filled with laughter, joy, hope and optimism.

I am so humbled and so very thankful to know you and to be able to contribute to such a wonderfully spiritual organization. My heart is full.

Thanks for the opportunities that this journey has provided, and here’s to the trails that lie ahead!!!

Dominique Martin

Mark came home beaming yesterday! He apparently had a great time! From what he told me, He says all the time that when he gets on the horse, all the ________ from the day go away. He fills in the blank with different words, such as “the things that annoy me,” “the bad parts of the day,” “my troubles,” etc. depending on what happened that day. He says he feels like he is on top of the world when he rides Shades, and that being on the horse is so calming and relaxing.

I am very excited about the horseshow! One of our frustrations about Mark is that he can’t really be on a sports team. He doesn’t follow along well enough to be on the regular teams, and I don’t think he is severe enough for the teams for kids with disabilities. I feel like, with riding, he can feel comfortable with his ability and still get the benefits of working with other people and supporting the other riders. He already knows Collin, Kennedy, and Jillian, and I know that preparing for the show with them and the other two riders will be great for his teamwork skills. I am so thrilled that you have given him this opportunity!

Mark will be riding in the spring; I hope to keep him there as long as possible! Mark has improved so much since he started riding. I think he has so much more confidence, his once frequent temper tantrums are very rare now, and he is much more cheerful. He is talking more to kids his age at school, and his social skills are much better.

Thank you for all you do!

This is Mark’s poem:


Shades of Gray
By Mark Mueller
Shades of Gray
Big and Strong,
Nice to ride so smooth.
Charming looks
Nice and fast
Fun good horse
Shades of Gray.

Jean Mueller

Bill and Priscilla –

Thank you so much for today’s tour of ManeGait. Cristel and I were both very impressed with the vision / mission / facility /staff / results. The positive impact on human lives as a result of your efforts is both immeasurable and eternal. It is also apparent that you give God the credit.

I’m blessed to have some good friends who find joy in helping others.

God Bless.

Mike and Cristel Moore

The ManeGait organization is a clear example of how the leadership makes a difference – it is a very special group to be part of and that is because of Bill, Pris, Lili, Kathy and the staff and the way in which you are servant leaders — I have never found a company in my work years where this was evident, so it is fun to be part of one now!

Pam Hatch