I am a ManeGait lifer, so no matter what avenue my next life path may take me, I will always be a part of ManeGait!

Pat Kinsella

Having a child with special needs sets you apart; from the moment we entered Mane Gait we felt comfortable and accepted.  There’s an unspoken language here, a language that only exists among family, and for the first time ever I didn’t feel the need to offer an explanation for Coulter’s difference.  There’s no judgment, just love and compassion.

Dawnda Daniel

Since we have started the fall session Grant has made big improvements in his posture when he rides, he went from riding like a “jockey” to sitting up tall through the whole session! Another really cool thing he has learned to do and I truly believe it’s because of his riding Hazy, is that he can now sit completely unassisted in the bath tub. We used to use a bumbo seating so he would feel secure, but now I can put him in the tub with water up to the middle of his belly and he can sit and play with toys and not feel insecure. That is absolutely HUGE for us. We are very very grateful to have ManeGait in our lives. Grant has ridden 5 times since the Fall session has started and in this short of time with this much progression made, it proves to us that there is no limit as to what all he will accomplish in the future with riding at ManeGait. Thank you!

Kevin & Karla Ballard

We’ve seen great things in Sophia and Brendan over their first five lessons. Their confidence is up and their posture is more relaxed, they are talking about Hazy, Puddin’, and their teacher and helpers at school and to friends. They told me to take the training wheels off their bikes, and mastered them within a day! Sophia is ice-skating noticeably better, and both children are now much more comfortable with dogs and cats. I’ve observed that their visual and auditory processing is fantastic while they are up on the horses, and it seems to be carrying over some into everyday life and activities. Thank you, ManeGait!

Grace Utsler

Therapeutic Riding has given my child something to look forward to each week and his posture is improving while he is having fun. Having Cerebral Palsy, Braeden has spent most of his life indoors in therapy, but now he is enjoying the experience of an outside activity. It is a privilege as a parent to be able to watch him enjoy himself while riding a horse, an activity that we would not have thought possible for him.

Michelle Hammock

I have to tell you that the professionalism, courtesy, organization, and sincerity that I have seen from everyone in this organization just continues to amaze me. From the beginning when I was receiving emails about Volunteer training and updates on progress, to now the website, the video from the gala, and all the Thank You notes and tax receipts I have received for my small contributions, just show me that you guys are running a first class organization and are surrounded by wonderful people. I am so happy for you! What a dream come true!

Ronda Cowgill

Mrs. Darling, I want to thank you and your husband for what you have done, with the Mane Gait. Its rare you see someone committed and taking on a hands on approach to giving. I do apologize for ‘loosing it’ last Saturday. that was the first time I ever saw my Granddaughter say a word. I defiantly want to be involved with the fundraising, I know that’s a very difficult thing right now with the horrible economy we have. God Bless you and your wonderful staff.

Scott Quisling

Therapeutic Riding for my son Caleb has allowed him to run with the other kids at school. Riding has also given him the confidence and a sense of self worth so that he soars with the eagles. He loves to ride and is the first one up and ready to go every Saturday. Without ManeGait he would not be the young man he is today.

Becky McClain

The ManeGait experience was even more than I expected. Christianna was so excited last night and all day today about the lesson. Miraculously she even got her favorite horse she picked out the day before – Freckles! The smile on Christianna’s face and the confidence she gained in the first lesson was enough to make me a believer in the therapeutic side of horseback riding. Jenny was incredible in the way she encouraged the kids and taught them. God has definitely given you and Pris a calling and powerful ministry in ManeGait. Thank you!

Michael Carter

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for founding ManeGait and for employing its wonderful staff. For many years we have wanted our daughter (now eight years) to have the opportunity to try therapeutic horseback riding but for several reasons were unable. Mariana was awarded a scholarship this year and we have already witnessed positive changes after only two lessons. It brings us great joy to see her ride.

We are especially grateful for the physical relief it gives our precious girl who has suffered much. It has been a difficult year for our family and we are deeply thankful for your kindness.

We pray for the ManeGait family and for its continued support. May God reward your generosity as only He can.

Mike and Colette Murray