Gaitapalooza 2013

The 4th Annual Gaitapalooza Fall festival and Trail Ride was held on November 2, 2013 under a beautiful blue sky on-site at ManeGait. Friends and family from all over North Texas joined us to enjoy a day cheering on our riders as they left on their trail rides, playing any of the numerous games set up in the High Five Arena, visiting the animals in the petting zoo, and much more! Enjoy these photos that showcase the fun and beauty of the day at ManeGait.

DSCN3614 DSCN3620 DSCN3629 DSCN3631 DSCN3633 DSCN3637 DSCN3639 DSCN3640 DSCN3648 DSCN3653 DSCN3656 DSCN3661 DSCN3662 DSCN3664 DSCN3666 DSCN3671 DSCN3678 DSCN3679 DSCN3682 DSCN3687 DSCN3694 DSCN3696 DSCN3698 DSCN3705 DSCN3706 DSCN3708 DSCN3709 DSCN3710 DSCN3712 DSCN3714 DSCN3718 DSCN3721 DSCN3726 DSCN3731 DSCN3732 DSCN3736 DSCN3739IMG_1684 IMG_1683 IMG_1682 IMG_1679 IMG_1669 IMG_1665 IMG_1664 IMG_1663 IMG_1661 IMG_1660 IMG_1658 IMG_1654 IMG_1653 IMG_1652 IMG_1651 IMG_1643 IMG_1647 IMG_1648 IMG_1649 IMG_1650 IMG_1641 IMG_1640 IMG_1638 IMG_1636 IMG_1634 IMG_1633 IMG_1632 IMG_1631 IMG_1629 IMG_1627 IMG_1624 IMG_1622 IMG_1619 IMG_1616 IMG_1615 IMG_1614 IMG_1613 IMG_1611 IMG_1608 IMG_1607 IMG_1606 IMG_1605 IMG_1603 IMG_1599 IMG_1598 IMG_1597 IMG_1596 IMG_1593 IMG_1591 IMG_1590 IMG_1589 IMG_1588 IMG_1587 IMG_1586 IMG_1585 IMG_1583 IMG_1581 IMG_1580 IMG_1579 IMG_1577 IMG_1574 IMG_1573 IMG_1571 IMG_1568 IMG_1567 IMG_1566 IMG_1565 IMG_1564 IMG_1563 IMG_1562 IMG_1561 IMG_1560 IMG_1558 IMG_1554 IMG_1552 IMG_1549 IMG_1546 IMG_1545 IMG_1544 IMG_1542 IMG_1541 IMG_1539 IMG_1536 IMG_1535 IMG_1529 IMG_1527 IMG_1526 IMG_1513ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 001 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 003 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 007 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 015 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 017 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 018 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 019 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 031 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 035 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 036 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 043 ManeGait - Gaitapalooza - Nov 2nd 2013 - 050MGG-1 MGG-4 MGG-8 MGG-11 MGG-13 MGG-14 MGG-15 MGG-17 MGG-18 MGG-20 MGG-21 MGG-23 MGG-26 MGG-29 MGG-32 MGG-36 MGG-42 MGG-44 MGG-50 MGG-54 MGG-56 MGG-60 MGG-63 MGG-66 MGG-73 MGG-76 MGG-84 MGG-86 MGG-87 MGG-89 MGG-90 MGG-92 MGG-96 MGG-100 MGG-102 MGG-104 MGG-117 MGG-121 MGG-123 MGG-125 MGG-128 MGG-129 MGG-134 MGG-142 MGG-153 MGG-155 MGG-156 MGG-159 MGG-160 MGG-161 MGG-162 MGG-171 MGG-174 MGG-179 MGG-180 MGG-186 MGG-210 MGG-213 MGG-217 MGG-221 MGG-222 MGG-227 MGG-228 MGG-235 MGG-237 MGG-240 MGG-242 MGG-243 MGG-250 MGG-260 MGG-268 MGG-274 MGG-288 MGG-292 MGG-294 MGG-298 MGG-302 MGG-303 MGG-308 MGG-311 MGG-314 MGG-319 MGG-322 MGG-324 MGG-327 MGG-328 MGG-329 MGG-332 MGG-341 MGG-345 MGG-353 MGG-354 MGG-356 MGG-359